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Engine Riser Kit

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Our universal BMW engine risers are designed for extremely low BMWs with less than ideal oil pan clearance. When installed, our risers create 20mm of clearance to ensure the oil pan sits closer to or above the stock subframe. 

THE EXISTING STUD NEEDS TO BE SHORTENED by 10mm to ensure correct fitment. The riser can be screwed into the existing stud. New nuts and washers included. New engine mounts are recommended when installing the engine riser kit. They work well with stock engine mounts and with our solid UHMW mounts. Will not work with our VIP mounts.

Installation instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTES: When installing, check all coolant hoses to make sure they do not rub on any moving parts

*e24 owners:

  • Email before purchasing. May require a version with longer studs.

*e28 owners:

  • Will not work with 88 535i green engine mounts.

*e30 owners: 

  • May require engine mounts to be moved to slotted holes in subframe on some swap installs.
  • This item is NOT compatible with our angled 24v swap mounts.
  • This item is NOT compatible with the 1991 318is unless you add spacers to the hood.
  • The lower coolant hose may rub the A/C compressor.

*E34 owners:

  • The fan shroud will need to be modified slightly on the 535 to make clearance for the fan position moving up.
  • Depending on engine mounts, the engine may hit the hood and the fan may need to be deleted.

*E36 owners: 

  • The fan shroud will need to be modified slightly to make clearance for the fan position moving up.
  • May need to trim the lower radiator hose .5" to clear the AC belt.
  • The Vanos cover could make contact with the hood on 98 328is.

* E46 owners: 

  • The engine hook on top of the motor needs to be removed
  • The fan will need to be raised by 1 inch.