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OMP HC/665 - Seat Slider Brackets

by omp
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OMP seat track sets are recommended for any OMP seat application. They're designed to allow the user to adjust their seat position with precision, giving you a position that's completely custom to your body. OMP seat track sets employ a double locking mechanism for increased safety. 

The OMP Seat Slider handle has a slight upward bend at the front. This allows you to raise the release handle easier with gloves on. The Sparco seat slider has a perfectly flat handle that if mounted to the floor, is almost flush, and harder to put your gloved hand under to lift the release handle.

OMP Seat Slider Details:

  • Manufacturer: OMP
  • Manufacturer part number: HC/665
  • Color: Black
  • Double locking mechanism for increased safety
  • Bendable handle for different seat widths

OMP® was founded in Genoa in 1973 and has grown over the years thanks to the incredible success of its products. Today OMP is a leading company in the field of design and production of all kinds of accessories for those who live and breathe racing. With a recently renovated plant outfitted with the latest equipment and its own test track, OMP is able to provide cutting-edge products that are designed and tested from start to finish to ensure outstanding performance on and of the track. OMP production ranges from racing suits to undergarments, from gloves to footwear to roll bars, racing seats, crash helmets, seatbelts, extinguishers.