Polycarbonate Door Window Kit - E36 Sedan


Reduce weight in your track car! Our polycarbonate windows are designed to fit in E36 sedans that have had the window mechanisms removed. These flat windows slide into the OEM window channels and are held in place using the included pins. The small windows for the rear door need to be bolted inside the stock window frame. Keep the rain and dust out of your race car when towing, at the track or just sitting outside of the shop. 

A polycarbonate window replacement will bring your track car to the next level! By increasing the weight savings in your vehicle, your new windows will allow you to drive at faster speeds and perform better in track races. Polycarbonate windshields are the best replacement windows for traditional glass window material when you are a track car racer because clear polycarbonate sheets are known for being nearly unbreakable and incredibly durable for extra safety and help with impact resistance. They also offer clear visibility and have insulation benefits. This polycarbonate window is definitely the right material for you if you are looking to increase speed, safety, and overall performance in your BMW.

6 piece polycarbonate motorsport door window kit to fit the BMW E36 sedan only.

  • 2x Front Door Side Windows (Driver and Passenger)
  • 2x Rear Door Side Windows (Left and Right) inc two small quarter windows
  • Manufactured from high-quality Makrolon UV protected polycarbonate plastic
  • Approximately 50% weight saving compared to standard glass windows
  • Windows are CNC profile cut ready to fit
  • Includes 8 pins to keep them in place.
  • Thickness - .1875 (3/16")

Availability: Window kits can take up to 4 weeks to ship depending on product inventory.

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