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Rear Subframe Bushings - E34

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Solid Rear Subframe Bushing Set - UHMW with aluminum sleeves. 

The subframe and differential mounting point is the heart of the rear  suspension in an E34. When they move, so do all of the rear suspension  mounting points.  Replacing the stock rubber subframe and differential  bushings with UHMW will  limit drivetrain and suspension movement and  keep your car’s suspension  geometry the way it’s supposed to be. They  will last longer than the original rubber and do  not 'wind up' under  load/unload, transferring more power through  the axles to the wheels.

"You can compare to Solid Aluminum mounts in stiffness, but to Poly mounts in vibration"

Recommended for street or race use. Set of 2 subframe bushings.