S5x/M5x Swap Engine Mount Set - E30


We've redesigned our solid 24 valve swap UHMW engine mounts! The angle hasn't changed, but we have changed the stud locations. They'll work with the M50, S50, M52, S52, M54, and S54. Our mounts incorporate the correct angle and feature the correct stud location for a hassle-free install. These engine mounts are perfect for the track or street, and will dramatically change the way your swapped e30 drives. Make sure to add a set of our transmission mounts - they'll work with any transmission that you decide to use for your swap.  

Please note:
M50 transmission swap brace required if you are using the Getrag 260.


Installation instructions:
The video is for M42 Mounts, but the Swap Mount installation process is similar.




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