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Splitter Support Rods

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Traditionally, splitter supports have either been rigid (rods) or flexible (cables), which both have positive and negative characteristics.

Rigid supports are great; until you slam your splitter into the ground and damage the frame where the rods are mounted AND your splitter AND the rods themselves. Cables will flex in those situations, but will not rigidly hold the splitter otherwise. This can lead to your splitter fluttering and/or not staying in its original place. Why not design a product that has the best characteristics of both?

Professional Awesome's clean-sheet, support rod design, is rigid enough to stop flutter, but will flex and return to its original position when hit aggressively (within reason).

Their simple system uses custom collets that allow for infinitely variable lengths. The 18″ rods will accommodate lengths from 4” to 20.” All you need to do is attach the provided clevises to your mounting structure and splitter, then measure and cut the rods to your custom length requirements. If you ever need another rod, they are cheap and can quickly be replaced at the track with simple tools.

Exciting Features:

  • Reinforced fiber rods are flexible but have unbelievable tensile strength. Rods are 18" long and designed to be cut to length. Two rods come with each order.
  • Custom collet system makes assembly and installation a breeze.
  • Collets are custom stainless steel for long life.
  • Clevises are all metric and interchangeable. 
  • Elevator bolts are used mount our clevises to your splitter. They have a smooth bottom and a countersunk head that locks into your splitter to keep everything secure. They work particularly well with wood based splitters. 

What’s Included:

  • 2 rods
  • 4 rod ends with compression fittings
  • 2 M8-1.25 thread pitch clevises.
  • 2 “Fancy” Aluminum clevises.
  • 4 clevis pins
  • 4 hitch pin clips
  • 2 M8 elevator bolts (used to attached clevises to your splitter) 

Installation Notes:

  • Torque the compression fitting to 20-22 lb-ft. This can be accomplished with a crowfoot wrench.