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Steering Coupler Replacement U-joint - E10

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Get rid of the rubber coupler and go all out with our lightweight Chrome Moly Low-Profile, Needle Bearing Universal Joint. This Universal Joint has a reduced diameter for applications where clearance and weight are primary concerns. The stock E10 rubber steering coupler is known to degrade over time, resulting in a vague and disconnected steering feeling. You'll immediately notice an increase in precision and get sharper steering response. Simplify the steering shaft in your E10 using our bolt-in u-joint.

Why Your E10 May Need a Steering Coupler Replacement

The steering coupler includes a cylindrical rubber busing which ensures the transfer of movement from your E10's steering wheel to its steering rack. The axis of the bushing is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the BMW steering system. The steering coupler has an inner sleeve that is attached to one of the input and output shafts of the steering sleeve while the outer sleeve is attached to the other shaft. In between the inner and outer sleeve is an elastic, central rubber body which tends to lose elasticity over time and you will notice the disconnect in your E10's steering system. Buying a steering coupler replacement made with lightweight chrome moly for your BMW will allow for improved precision and sharper steering response in your E10.

1967 BMW 2000 
1966-1976 E10 BMW 2002

*This is a performance part and should be installed by a professional. For race use only. Inspect before each race weekend.

** Please note our u-joints are made of chromoly steel. While this material has excellent strength characteristics, it is not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel.  Depending on the vehicle and the climate exposure they are susceptible to surface rust.