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E30 Specific Questions

E30 Specific Questions

Q. Can I upgrade just my transmission mounts?
A. We always suggest you pair your transmission mounts with a set of engine mounts. Running solid transmission mounts with softer engine mounts can cause unnecessary strain on the transmission mounting tabs.

Q. What is the benefit of Offset CABs vs Centered CABs?
A. Offset Control Arm Bushings add more caster and give a more direct & solid steering feel. The car has more straight-line stability and feels more responsive. They also allow the steering wheel to more easily return to center. If your car has centered bushings from the factory, upgrading to our centered bushings will not affect caster. Unless you have a track car and specifically require more caster, we recommend sticking to centered CABs (OEM geometry) on most e36 & E46 chassis.

Q. What is the proper way to install Offset CABs?
A. Installation orientation is as follows: Line up the indicator marking on the bushing with the indicator on the carrier. The offset hole should be rotated towards the outside edges of the car. The flange/lip points towards the front of the car.

Q. What is the benefit of the Eyeball Arm Mounts?
A. They are specifically designed for track cars. The main benefit is steering response is greatly improved due to less deflection. Our offset version gives increased caster, and increased camber at turn-in. The smaller footprint allows for more exhaust clearance on V8 swaps.

Q. What is the install orientation for the regular E30 subframe bushings?
A. The thick half goes on top.

Q. What is the install orientation for the E30 12mm Riser bushings?
A. The thin half goes on top.

Q. Do I need to use washers when I install my E30 subframe bushings?
A. Yes, there are two OEM washers that need to be reused or you can purchase new ones here.

Q. I'm swapping my e30. What swap specific parts do I need?
A. We do have the following:
1. 24V engine swap mounts
2. G260 Swap Brace (you only need this if you are using the factory 5 speed transmission from the e30.)
3. Wiring solutions for OBD1 and OBD2 swaps

Q. What is the install orientation for 24V Swap Mounts, & how do I install them?
A. The angle goes on top and faces outwards. The easiest thing to do is to set the motor on the mounts and tighten the bottoms first. Don't do one all the way. Do each side bit by bit. As you tighten the bottoms, alternate between the left and right sides. The engine will center itself. Make sure the trans mounts are loose. Tighten the tops last.

Q. What engine arms are required to be used with your M5X/S5X swap motor mounts? The e36, e46, or stock e30 engine support arms?
A. Our swap mounts are designed to be used with e36 engine arms. All 24v swaps must use these arms.

Q. How do I know what Short Shift Kit to get for my E30?
A. The split for the SSKs is 6/86. Before requires the “early” SSK kit and after requires the regular “late” SSK kit.

Q. What kind of SSK kit do I need for an IX?
A. For an IX you will need the E30 “Late” or regular SSK kit with an IX carrier subbed in. 99% of the time this carrier can be reused.

Q. Should I get regular or 12mm subframe riser bushings for my track car?
A. We don't suggest getting the 12mm riser bushings for a race car. They are designed to reduce camber, and for racing, you actually want to increase it. The other drawback to using the 12mm riser bushings in race cars is less room for the "weld-in" toe/camber adjusters. We definitely suggest getting our regular subframe bushings for a race car.

Q. Do the 12mm subframe riser bushings raise my subframe by 12mm?
A. Yes, The 12mm risers do move the subframe up into the chassis, but they don't change the ride height since the springs stay in the same place. They will not effect rear wheel gap either. They are designed to change the trailing arm geometry and reduce negative camber. The benefit is increased tire life on extremely low street cars. They have become popular for drag racing and drifting due to the decreased camber.

Q. What are the differences in the M20 Wiring Harness?

  • Early model 82-85 will have a square C104 connector.
  • Early model 82-87 will have a C104 plug near the DME connector. It’s a white 3-pin connector, and will be missing pins 8,9,14 in the C101 connector. 
  • Late model harness from 88-89 have pins 8,9,14 in the C101 connector. 
  • Late model harness from 89-94 have a removable injector harness.
  • Late model harnesses from 90-94 have pins 8,9,14 in the C101 and also have a red/yellow wire on pin 20.

Q. Do you have any installation info you can share on the 3 install types/options for the side rear window installations?

Option 1. Rivet on. To install you need to remove all the widows, seals, and parts. They are riveted or riv-nuted to the pinch weld of the window.
Option 2. Pop Out. To install you need to have pop-out windows. Disassemble and remove the glass from the window. Replace the glass with Polycarbonate and re-install like the factory Pop-out windows.
Option 3. Fixed. To install you need to have fixed windows. Disassemble and remove the glass from the window. Replace the glass with Polycarbonate and re-install like the factory fixed windows.
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