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E36 Specific Questions

E36 Specific Questions

Q. What is the install orientation for the E36 subframe mounts?
A. Install them with the thick flange on top.

Q. Which Control Arm Bushings do I need for my E36 M3, centered or offset?
A. Since the control arms were a bit different between the 95 & 96+. The offset CABs only came on the 95 e36 M3. The 96 and up e36 m3s came with centered CABs. In order to keep the wheel centered in the wheel well, you should choose the bushing version which matches the year of your car. This will keep the correct geometry.

Q. What belt do I need to use when deleting the power steering from an M5X/S5X motor?
A. Dayco 5060555 6PK1410 (S50 Swapped E30, E36) or K060560 (99 318ti m44, E30 4cyl, E36 4cyl) or Duralast 525K7 for the E92.

Q. Will the E36 Steering Shaft Conversion Kit fit RHD models?
A. Yes, we can confirm that it will fit all RHD models.

Q. What is the thickness of the weld-in reinforcement plates?
A. 1/8 steel which is approximately .125 thick. That's about 3.175 mm.
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