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How to measure the hex on an E46 control arm.

How to measure the hex on an E46 control arm.

When purchasing our Solid Front Control Arm Bushings for an e46 control arm you first need to know the size of the hex on your control arm.

 If you plan to install them on an E46 chassis, all you need to do is pull your factory control arm bushing off and measure the "hex". If you are replacing control arms, or performing an E46 control arm swap on the E30 or E36 chassis we suggest you purchase your control arms BEFORE ordering bushings.  

When measuring with calipers, take the measurement in mm and from flat to flat of the hex on the control arm as pictured below:

  • If your measurement is less than 22.5mm you need to order our small 21mm hex inserts. 
  • If your measurement is more than 22.5mm you need to order our large 23mm hex inserts.

If you are reading this and you already screwed up and ordered the incorrect inserts, don't worry you can order replacements here:

 **Meyle makes a standard e46 control arm and a Heavy Duty control arm. Most HD arms have a hex that is larger in size (23mm). Most ZHP arms are 21mm, but don't take our word for it, do your own measuring.

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