Black Door Cards - E36 Coupe


Our black ABS plastic front door & rear 1/4 panel cards are CNC cut and match the silhouette of the E36 doors. Each panel measures .093" in thickness and comes pre-bent and ready to install.  The rear cards cover the entire 1/4 panel hole. The front cards include the cutout for the door latch mechanism and a stainless steel adapter plate that will space the latch out so it is flush with the door card. All rivet holes are pre-drilled. The back side features locating holes for the pull strap and mirror switch. These are pre-drilled half-depth in the proper locations... if you don't want to run them, you can leave them as is. Pull straps come in red and can be added to your order in the drop down.

E36 coupe (1991—1999)

Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Rear panels will be available mid-Jan. If you order both, your order will not ship until the rear cards are ready.

*Please choose Domestic or International shipping from the drop down. Email to schedule local pickup.


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