Installation guide for Condor E36 door cards.

Step 1. Remove the factory door card.
Step 2. Remove the Inner door latch.

Step 3. Remove the door handle J-clip and slide onto the door handle spacer.

Step 4. Set door handle spacer in place and drill holes for 1/8" rivets.

Step 5. Install six 1/8" rivets.

Step 6. Reinstall inner door latch.

Step 7. Place card on door making sure upper flange sits inside of window channel. Make sure door handle is centered in opening. Mark all drill holes with a punch.

Step 8. Drill 1/8" holes if you are using rivets or remove door card and drill appropriately sized holes for riv-nuts.

Step 9. You can install riv-nuts at this time.

Step 10. Use included hardware install pull strap on window regulator bracket.

Step 11. Using a utility knife or Dremel, cut out the hole for the door pull trim and mirror switch.

Step 11. Install door pull trim piece using supplied Phillips screws.

Step 12. Reinstall door card and install rivets or screws.

Step 13. Sit back and admire your new door cards.

To Install our rear cards follow similar steps.

October 10, 2019 by Carlos Mendez
Tags: E36


Joseph G.BAUGH JR.

Joseph G.BAUGH JR. said:

I have a 99 328ci e36 conv i need door cards bad do you have or know were i can get them ty jgbjr.

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