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Spec E9X Series Tune - Epic Performance Software (N52)

Original price $699.00 - Original price $899.00
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$699.00 - $899.00
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*Note: we are in the final stages of completing the spec e9x tune* Will be available in early February.

The Spec E9x series tune for the N52B30 engine. The Spec E9X Tune by Epic Motorsports includes specific software calibration. The Spec e9x software optimizes engine output when running the required 330i intake, spec headers and 3" exhaust mods. The ignition, camshaft, and VANOS values have been optimized, as well as fuel maps, to match the more aggressive timing and remove or raise the artificial torque limiters. Throttle response is improved, and there is more torque available in the midrange. This tune produces more horsepower and torque and a smoother-running engine while keeping cars in the class on a level playing field. 

  • Significant horsepower & torque increase
  • Removes DME faults and warning lights that are unnecessary on a race car.
  • The Spec E9x Tune will only work with MSV80 DMEs. Will not work with MSV70 or MSV80.1. For information on how to convert the 325 & 330 to run on MSV80 click here
  • Optional: Remove the BMW EWS (security system) from your Spec E9x MSV80 DME to allow use of a matching MSV80 chipped key & CAS without a matching DME. 

Notice of Emissions Non-Compliance. This software was developed and tuned on and is for race vehicles only. It is not intended for vehicles with stock and fully functional emissions equipment. However, it has not been submitted nor tested for approval in California. Therefore, it is not legal for installation or use in California on any pollution-controlled motor vehicle. Some suppliers will not ship to certain states, requiring extra delivery time. We will advise you of any delays. Not legal for installation or use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle in any state, province, or jurisdiction governed by, or which has adopted, CARB or EPA regulations.